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For the first time a Disney animated series about the adventures of fearless Rangers, hurrying over to help, appeared on TV screens in the eighty-ninth year, and since then its time to see and fall in love several generations of young viewers . As you all probably know the main characters are two brave cartoon chipmunk , who in company with the mouse , rat and Australian fly and make the world-famous team of rescuers. All of them are humanoid , walking on his hind legs , wear clothes and are able to speak. Each of them has its own unique character has their own hobbies and special talents. Chip - the leader of the team, chipmunk serious , solid on all sides overwhelmingly positive . He is a very responsible attitude to work and is the nerve center of the entire company. Perhaps, the only drawback Chip is that he's a bit grouchy and loves to teach others wits . Dale - a cheerful and charming happy-go-lucky idiot . If Chip - head team, Dale - her heart. The fat man Rocky , aka Monty has two passions in life , he hates cats and loves cheese. The good-natured goof literally loses his head from one only of its smell and is willing to do anything for a piece of cheese. Nut - highly intelligent beauty and mouse . She is constantly reinventing the most incredible things , and instructs a means of transportation . It secretly in love with both of squirrels, because of what between them from time to time there are small skirmishes . The last member rescue squad - Zipper . Snapper fly, team mascot , because of their small size and ability to fly , he can perform the tasks that are not able to do all the other rescuers . This brave five so all the kids liked the show included in the list of the hundred best animated shows and regularly repeated on various TV channels . It is therefore hardly surprising that the brave rescuers were the heroes of the many computer games. Online games Chip and Dale are designed mainly for children to read , they are very colorful, bright and positive . In this case, the creators have taken into account the diversity of characters rodents and to engage them in games of different genres that are most relevant to each hero . With Chip and Dale kids can jump on the platforms in search of malicious cat Fat Cat , rushing into enemies of wooden crates and fun collecting along the way stars and nuts . With Roquefort child can participate in a mouse fighting games , and to become a party to the Gadget -in fun races. In addition , the beauty and the nut still the real queen of the catwalk , it serves as a model in many games - " Dress Up ", which was so pleased with all the girls . Clever chip , in addition to the main rescue activities with pleasure involved in solving of all kinds of puzzles , and the small Zipper helps all the other heroes. In general, the authors were able to create a variety of vibrant and exciting games based on the adventures of the brave rescuers. Most of them you are sure to find on our site.

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